Nursery Archive

Spring One

This has been a very exciting half-term in Nursery. Mrs Ishtiaq was captured by an Evil Pea from the story ‘Supertato’. The children have enjoyed pretending to be superheroes and making masks. They went on a trip to Freshco to buy Jelly to make a trap to catch the Evil Pea. Here are some pictures of our learning…

Summer Two

This half term we have been learning about ‘New Life’. We had baby chicks in Nursery and the children enjoyed looking after them. They fed them, held them and also helped clean out their house. Children remembered to be very gentle and had a go at some observational drawings. We also went on a visit to St. Leonards Farm in Esholt and had an amazing time with Farmer James. Staff, parents and children enjoyed time in the fun barn, looking around the farm, holding the animals and also having a tractor trailer ride.
In Nursery the children have enjoyed playing in the spring cleaning area and also in the baby role play area. We had a visit from Jason’s baby sister and Haris’s baby sister and the children really enjoyed this. The children have been bathing baby dolls in the water area and have been singing lots of nursery rhymes to their baby dolls.

Next half term we will be learning about our local area. We have a trip to the café, library and also the park. In addition, we will have a graduation ceremony for the children moving to Reception and also have a sports day planned. We will be taking part in the annual Summer Fayre and look forward to raising money for our Nursery. Children will also be learning about mini-beasts and our core story this half term is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We will be looking after some caterpillars and watching them grow into beautiful butterflies. When they are fully grown we will realise them into the wild. We will be building a bug hotel in the nursery garden and will be looking for different mini beasts.


Summer 1

Nursery Rhymes Summer One

This half term in nursery we have been looking at people who help us. We have had many different visits and events. We had a visit from the fluoride varnish team, the road safety team and a trip to the local barber’s. We had a very successful mother’s day event. The children have enjoyed reading our core story ‘Handa’s surprise’ and acting out the story using the props. At snack time we have been tasting different fruits, they were delicious! The children really enjoyed using the role play area and pretending to be police officers and dentists.
Next half term we are looking forward to having ‘living eggs’ in nursery. We will also be visiting St Leonards farm. Our topic is new life and our core story is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We will be having many different role play areas including spring cleaning and our very own ‘Westbourne Farm’. Here are some pictures from last year …

Spring 2

We have been exploring our nursery using our senses! We have been tasting new and different foods, we have been using our hands to touch different textures during messy play. We had our very own dark day where we had to use torches and twinkly lights to help find our way around our classroom and we invited our mummy’s and daddy’s to come and join us. We have been reading the story ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ and we enjoy acting it out with our friends. We went on our very own bear hunt round Heaton woods where we walked through the long wavy grass, stomped through the thick oozy mud and splashed in the deep cold river. We have got lots more exciting things planned, like our trip to St Lennard’s farm where we can see lots of baby farm animals … and hopefully have a cuddle with some of them. We are also having a special delivery that need a lot of looking after. We are having some ‘living eggs’ that will hatch into baby chicks!

Spring 1 2017

This half term we are looking at senses. We have some very exciting events coming up. We have a trip to Heaton woods where we are going on a bear hunt! We also have a ‘dark day’ where we spend the whole day working in the dark! We are going to be tasting lots of new foods … Yummy.

We are learning lots of new rhymes and songs.

Summer Term 2016

This half term nursery have been looking at the story ‘Owl Babies’. This is a lovely story about a mummy owl who goes hunting in the middle of the night and when the baby owls wake up they are really scared. The ending is very happy and when mummy owl returns home the baby owls are really excited to see her. In the same way we teach the nursery children that when mummy or daddy drops them off to nursery they always come back to pick them up. We had a visit from the ‘Yorkshire Owl Experience’ in October. The children saw a range of different owls (an eagle owl, Indian owl, African owl, tawny owl and a barn owl) and had an opportunity to stroke the owls and also to hold an owl. We have also been learning a range of simple nursery rhymes, one of the favourite ones in morning nursery is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and the children love doing the actions. Next half term we will be looking at the topic ‘Celebrations’. This is a lovely half term where we celebrate many different special days and festivals. We will be doing work around Diwali and will look at rangoli patterns, we will have a bonfire celebration with a display of fireworks and we will also be having lots of Christmas songs to sing. We always invite parents into nursery when they drop their children off and encourage them to get involved with nursery routines.

Spring Two Term 2016

In Nursery during Spring Two, our core story is, ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  We will be enhancing our Nursery provision by recreating different scenes within the story, which is a great opportunity for children to develop their communication and language skills and imagination. 

We have lots of exciting events this half term.  On the 4th March 2016, Nursery will be having a Mother’s Day event where Mum’s are invited to the Nursery to have a tea party!  On the 9th March 2016, the Road Safety team are coming into school to speak to parents and their children about crossing the road safely and the importance of wearing a seatbelt, which links to our theme of ‘people who help us’.  We will also be having a visit from a police officer, going to Kana Peena and visiting a local hairdressers!

During Spring One, we have tuned into Nursery children’s interests, lots of the children have enjoyed playing doctors so we will be enhancing our role play area to a doctor’s surgery!  Our role play will continue to change throughout Spring Two, we will have a hair salon and a kitchen, where children can pretend to do lots of spring cleaning!

In addition to all of our exciting events, Nursery will also take part in washing a teacher’s car!  We are all really looking forward to this half term.   We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our children’s families for supporting us in our fundraising for our trip to the theatre.  So far, we have made £131.40 and we hope you will continue to provide your support in raising £600. 

Please take a look at some of the photos of our exciting events from Spring One!