Year 2

Summer One

This half term our topic has been The Rainforest. We have enjoyed transforming our classroom into a rainforest with lots of tall trees and leaves. We have also used our creative design skills to make 3d models of the rainforest.
In English, we have been researching all about the animals and plants that live in the rainforest. We’ve also been learning about how important they are for our world. We have also been writing stories about animals that live in the rainforest and worked on our prediction and inference skills.

Our science topic has been “living things and their habitats” this half term so we have been able to link lots of our science and English work! We also went on an exciting trip to Denso Marsten Nature Reserve to explore a real woodland habitat. The children learned about all the minibeasts and birds that live in the woods and enjoyed uncovering slugs, snails, centipedes, spiders and beetles!

In Maths, we have been learning about finding fractions of shapes and numbers and also using our mental maths to help with multiplication and division problems.

Next half term we will be continuing our learning about the rainforest to find out about deforestation and its effects on the environment.

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