Year 3 Archive

Summer One

This half term Year 3 have been learning about the Netherlands. We asked Mrs Stewart questions about what it was like to live there and looked at some objects she had brought back from her time there. We have compared The Hague, the city where Mrs Stewart lived, to Bradford and have found out about the weather, location and attractions in both places. As part of our work we have also looked at the art work of Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt and Piet Mondrian. Our final presentation was an art gallery in which parents could see what we have been learning.

We enjoyed a visit from our friends at Blakehill Primary School. Working with our partner from the link school we took part in collaborative activities, including building a tower to support an egg, finding QR codes, parachute games and creating a friendship shield.
Next half term we will be visiting Blakehill Primary School and taking part in some more fun activities with our new friends.
In class we will be finding out about why it is not healthy to eat sweets all day, every day. To link with this we will be planting our own healthy vegetables in science and finding out about how to make plants grow successfully.

In English we will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, designing our own factory room and creating a pop-up to show what this looks like. We will also look at poetry and create a keeping healthy leaflet for our parents.

In maths we will be reviewing our work with time, fractions and angles and turns. We will also be doing some data handling linked to exercise and plants, recording our findings as pictograms and bar charts.

Spring Two

This half term Year 3 have been learning about light and shadows. We started our half term with a visit from the Black Cat shadow theatre. Diana performed The Little Red Hen for us and it was really interesting to see how she used the characters and props to act out the story. Diana then showed us how we could create our own shadow puppets using black card and acetate to create coloured shadows.

We were determined to use the knowledge we learnt with Diana to create our own shadow puppet theatre production. In English, we read The Dark by Lemony Snicket. We then used this story as the basis for our own ‘fear’ based story, which we then turned into a play script. Following on from this we created our own puppets, props and shadow theatres to perform our plays to Year 4.

In maths we have been continuing to practise our multiplication and division facts for the 4, 8 and 3 times tables. We have also learnt about measuring length in cm, m and km and used this to help us find the perimeters of shapes.

Next half term our topic is going to be all about the Netherlands. Mrs Stewart lived there for eighteen months so we will be interviewing her to find out all about life in this country. We will be reading some Dutch stories, including Katje the Windmill Cat and The Cow Who Fell In The Canal! We will be undertaking some geography work to compare the Netherlands to our local area.

In science we will be investigating rocks and soils and finding out about different types of rocks and how they are formed. In maths we will be continuing our work on methods of calculation, as well as learning about how to measure mass and capacity.

Spring One

This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about the Mouse Family Robinson. We have written a suspense story and a description using what we have read in the book. We also linked our Design Technology to the book, working collaboratively in groups to design and make a sturdy cat cage. In science, we have been finding out all about skeletons and muscles and how they work. It was very interesting.
One of the most exciting things we did was meeting pupils from Blakehill Primary School (our Linking partners) at Nellbank. We had a great day making new friends by taking part in lots of fun activities together. We went on a very muddy forest walk, played parachute games, found items from nature during a scavenger hunt and played on a super adventure playground.

Next half term we will be learning all about light and shadows. We will be reading a book called ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket and writing our own versions of the story. In science we will be investigating how shadows are created and using this knowledge to make our own shadow puppet theatres. We will then act out our story. In maths we will be using data handling to report findings, use equipment to measure length and find perimeters, find out about angles and turns and begin to learn how to tell the time.

This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about the Romans. We have found out many interesting facts including about the Romans in Britain and the story of Romulus and Remus. We have had fun experimenting with forces and magnets, investigating which materials are magnetic and presenting our findings in a report which could help to teach other children about magnets.

Next half term we will be learning all about how to keep ourselves healthy and how the muscles and skeletons in our bodies work. We will be designing and creating 3D structures in Design Technology, choosing appropriate materials to help make our structure sturdy. We are also really excited about meeting our link school Blake Hill and finding out more about our new friends on a trip to Nell Bank.

Nell Bank Pictures

In the Spring 2 half-term, children in Year 3 will be reading the book Journey by Aaron Becker. The book will provide opportunities for the children to write using inverted commas, adding their own speech to parts of the book. Furthermore, children will use their knowledge and understanding of adverbs, subordination and comparative conjunctions to add detail to their writing. As always, punctuation in writing will be an important part of the writing in year 3; using full stops, apostrophes, exclamation marks and question marks.

In reading lessons we will be looking closely at Journey to make predictions based on the information that is stated and implied. Importantly for this book, we will be learning how to draw inferences about a characters feelings, thoughts and motives from actions we read, justifying our choices with evidence. Also, we will be looking at other well-known stories and learning ways to summarise and retell them effectively. The children will continue to retrieve and recall information from non-fiction texts.

In Maths, the children will build on their knowledge of place value and number to learn about and use measurements such as mass, length and capacity. We will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes this half term. Looking in detail at properties of these shapes and using this to help us construct our own shapes. Fractions will still feature this term as children hope to consolidate on their learning by using fractions in various contexts and problems.