Year 5

During Summer 1, Year 5 have been looking at Crime and Punishment through the Ages. In our writing, we have been creating spine-tingling, suspense filled stories and reports on punishments during different periods of time in Britain. In creative, we have been studying the Romans, Anglo-Saxon and Tudor punishments. We found that the punishments were a lot more brutal than they are today and we very much prefer modern law and order. Forces has been the focus of our science lessons this half term. We have been investigating the effect of different forces on objects – we made our own parachutes!

This half term, we will be continuing our crime and punishment topic, looking at Guy Fawkes, The Victorians and finishing by comparing crime and punishments throughout the ages. We will be using three questions to focus our writing. Why is Guy Fawkes still remembered today? What was it like in Victorian prisons? Why do we need the police? We will be having a Science week this half term, where we will be undertaking lots of creative science work. The children will be going to Nell Bank this half term to build on their team working skills.

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