Year 4 Archive

This half term Year 4 have been investigating the water cycle and creating our own mini water cycles and carried out investigations into condensation and evaporation. We have also studied adaption and how animals have adapted to their environment and created our own adapted creature. As well we have learnt about food chains and gained a better understanding of prey and predators. We have learnt about the Rainforest and the people who live there and where they have settled and why. We have studied the artist Henri Rousseau and his jungle pictures and created our own similar illustration.

Next half term we will continue our rainforest topic thinking about how we would survive there and take part in a den building day.

Year 4 this half term have been taking part in out Bake Off topic. We have made a variety of foods, had a fabulous visit to Frankie and Benny’s to make scrumptious pizzas. We have learnt about the journey of our food through the digestive system and presented our work wearing our digestive system T-Shirts to Reverend Helm our year group governor.

Next half term we will be taking a journey through the rainforest, locating continents and investigating the water cycle and creating our own inside plastic bottles! We will be writing rainforest stories and learn to build survival dens!