Young Voices 20th Birthday Concert

young-voicesOn Wednesday the 2nd of March Westbourne Primary school choir went on our first adventure. For the last 9 months we have be practicing really hard to learn lots of songs and dances that we needed to attend the Young Voices 20th birthday concert at Manchester MEN Arena. The children have given up their own time in lunch times and after school to work with the teachers to learn and practice these songs. The children all sounded wonderful, danced beautifully and behaved impeccably.

Teachers from other schools commented on the children’s brilliant behaviour, beautiful singing voices and their knowledge of the songs and dances.

We are so proud of how hard the children have worked and were so pleased to share this fantastic experience with them. We have only been a choir for just over a year but it has been a real joy to see the children develop in their confidence and their ability in that time. Thank you to all the parents for your support and for attending the concert and final thank you to the Young Voices Trust that supported our choir with a grant to help get to the children. Well done Westbourne Choir we are so proud of you!

From Miss Fowles, Miss Deriex and Miss Austick.

The children said the following about our amazing trip!

“I enjoyed listening to the famous people singing nbecause I had never seen them before” Aisha, Year 6

“I really liked the beat boxing. It was so funny! I loved when we all sang Everything is Awesome.
We all went crazy!” Saaliha. Year 5

“I loved uptown funk because the adults had to dance with us!” Alysha, year 4

“At first I was scared because the arena was so big and there were so many people around me.
But I faced my fears and had an amazing time.” Haider Year 6

“I enjoyed the uptown funk dance because we got to dance with crazy Andy” Khadija. Year 5

My favourite dance was uptown funk because all the parents had to join in.” Haadiya, year 4

“I like the dances because they were really cool. We got to do the Mexican wave as well” Simrah. Year 5

“My favourite bit was when Laura sang opera and when Andy came
and made us all dance.” Saud, Year 3

“I liked it when the lights went out because we could use our little torches.” Juwairiyah, year 4

“I was surprised at how many people there were. It was so fun and I
really enjoyed it. I will remember this for a long time!” Aymen Year 6

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