Summer One

Reception have had another exciting and fun filled term. The children went into the garden and found a ‘magic carpet’ the carpet had lots of different objects on from around the world. We went on a magic carpet ride too. It was so much fun!

We received a post card from Granny. We read the book, Granny went to Market. The children looked at the different countries that Granny travelled to. Granny sent us big parcels with items from the countries that she had visited. We made noodles form china, guacamole from Mexico. We also made biscuits inspired by an African recipe. We sold the biscuits and donated the money to Water Aid. We talked about how grateful we are to get fresh clean water from a tap. The children wrote about how they felt about children who had no clean water.

In numeracy we have been adding and taking away. We can hold numbers in our heads and count on. We have been learning to count backwards from 20-0 and count in 2’, 5’s and 10’s.

We will be travelling to Hesketh farm! The children and staff are very excited. The children planned a safe trip and talked about how we can stay safe on our trip. The children have been learning about the different farm animals that we will see. Also we have been naming baby animals.

In our final term in reception we will be reading the Highway rat and looking at pirates!

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