Year 2

Spring Two

This half term our topic has been castles and knights. We were shocked to discover that someone had destroyed the Year 2 classroom! We found a shield,sword, dragon’s tail and a golden egg. We knew that we would need to find information on the clues that they had left to discover who had made such a mess.

In English, we enjoyed predicting what the story of The Egg would be about based on the front cover.  We explored  vocabulary and used it to improve and build on our writing. We researched castles and created a text based on the information that we had read about.Now we are experts on castles!

We were delighted to go on a trip to Skipton Castle and see a real life castle! We had a tour of the castle. There were many fascinating things to see like the watch tower, court yard and the kitchen with an open fire!  At end of the tour,  we went down to the dungeon where the rats and prisoners lived! It was a fun filled day where we learnt about how the life of a King and Queen lived.

In Maths, we used 3D shapes to build castles by identifying the shapes and describing the number of faces, edges and vertices. We answered questions on addition with borrowing and subtraction using exchanging. We were able to apply our skills to word problems.

Next half term we will be learning about Rainforests. We will be learning about the variety of animals and plants species. We will be building our own rainforest in the classroom.

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