Year 2 Archive

Spring One

Summer One

This half term our topic has been The Rainforest. We have enjoyed transforming our classroom into a rainforest with lots of tall trees and leaves. We have also used our creative design skills to make 3d models of the rainforest.
In English, we have been researching all about the animals and plants that live in the rainforest. We’ve also been learning about how important they are for our world. We have also been writing stories about animals that live in the rainforest and worked on our prediction and inference skills.

Our science topic has been “living things and their habitats” this half term so we have been able to link lots of our science and English work! We also went on an exciting trip to Denso Marsten Nature Reserve to explore a real woodland habitat. The children learned about all the minibeasts and birds that live in the woods and enjoyed uncovering slugs, snails, centipedes, spiders and beetles!

In Maths, we have been learning about finding fractions of shapes and numbers and also using our mental maths to help with multiplication and division problems.

Next half term we will be continuing our learning about the rainforest to find out about deforestation and its effects on the environment.

Spring Two

This half term our topic has been castles and knights. We received wanted poster for a Dragon that was causing chaos ! We knew that we would need a knight to assist us, so we wrote an advert including values that we wanted the knight to have.

In English, we enjoyed predicting what the story of The Egg would be about based on the front cover.  We explored  vocabulary and used it to build a class dictionary. We researched castles and created a non-ficition book, including the features of non-ficition book, glossary, sunheadings and contents page.

We were delighted to go on a trip to Skipton Castle and see a real life castle! We had a tour of the castle. There were many fascinating things to see like the watch tower, court yard and the kitchen with an open fire!  At end of the tour,  we went down to the dungeon where the rats and prisoners lived! It was a fun filled day where we learnt about and lived the life of a King and Queen.

In Maths, we used 3D shapes to build castles by identifying the shapes and describing the number of faces, edges and vertices. We collected data using tally charts and created bar charts and pictograms. We then answered addition and subtraction problems to do with data.

Next half term we will be learning about Rainforests. We will be learning about the variety of animals and plants species.

Spring One

This half term our topic has been fairy tales. We received a royal invitation from Aurora who had invited us to a banquet. We enjoyed creating masks for our banquet as well as preparing food fit for kings! We have explored many different fairy tales and created settings for our own fairy tale stories and invented new characters.

In English, we retold the story Sleeping beauty after receiving challenges from her every week. We roleplayed the story using expression and actions so that the audience would enjoy the story.

We had to find out about tigers by reading facts and then we wrote some fantastic descriptions about tigers.  Did you know that tigers are carnivores? We have been writing letters to the WWF to tell them what we have been doing and writing some super recounts about our party.

In Maths, we used capacity and weighing to make food for our party.  We had to very carefully weigh 50g of icing sugar and 50ml of water to make our party food. We also found out about different coins and their value so that we could find out how much we had raised. By using division correctly we were able to share buttons onto biscuits.

Next half term we will be learning about Castles and Knights.  In this topic we will find out about different castles in England as well as important people in history that  lived in the castles.

This half term Year 2 have been very busy learning all about being explorers.

We have discovered lots of facts about Captain James Cook and his voyages. We also became explorers ourselves when we visited Lister Park. Whilst there we explored the Park and observed plants just like the scientists and artists that Captain Cook took with him around the world. Working together, we drew diagrams of the flowers and plants we discovered and labelled them to show everything we had learned about plants in science. To help others understand what we did. We also made maps just like Captain Cook did!

In science we have even grown our own broad bean plants this half term to find out what they need to germinate! We found that even the seed in the cupboard germinated without any light. We have really enjoyed watching our plants grow and making observations about how they have changed.

In English we have been writing about explorers in books and films. We have written about Carl Fredrickson in the film “Up!” and the adventurous snail in “The Snail and The Whale”.

Lots of children have done some brilliant reading this half term and moved to the next colour band so well done to all those children and their families who are reading lots at home.

After the holidays we are looking forward to starting our new topic about fairy tales.

This half-term, Year 2 went on an exciting trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster to help us learn about animals and their habitats. In the morning we went to a workshop where we touched snakes, snails and insects. We also saw many different animals, including the lions, tigers, meerkats and even the new Polar Bears!​

We will also be taking our SATs in the spring term. These tests include maths and reading tests that will hopefully show some of the things that we have been learning this year. It is really important that children are supported as much as possible at home to help us with our learning at all times.

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