Year 3

Summer Two

During Autumn 2, Year 3 had their first School Linking visit with Blakehill Primary School.  They spent the day at Nell Bank Outdoor Activity Centre.  They had a brilliant day, taking part in lots of “getting to know you” and team building activities.  Lots of new friends were made and the children (and staff) had so much fun!  We can’t wait for our next meeting with Blakehill.

The Year 3 team planned some really interesting English work around the book “Mouse Family Robinson”.  This included prediction, some drama, writing from a characters point of view and story writing.  The children should be able to summarise the story for you.

Our Year 3 children finished off the term with their fabulous nativity – Prickly Hay.  The children really enjoyed the rehearsals for this, which involved learning all of the songs and actions to the songs by heart.  The children who had speaking parts learnt their parts very quickly, which made the rehearsals much easier.  I’m sure you will agree that the performance was a great success and that  all the children involved were absolutely brilliant!  Well done Year 3!

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