Year 5

Spring Two

In Spring 1, the children have continued learning about ‘Crime and Punishment’ through the ages and put together a very informative portfolio of work which was showcased to their parents in the last week of the term! They particularly found the visit from P.C.S.O Baines interesting as it helped them write their non-chronological report on how the police keeps us safe. We also recreated a Victorian prison so that the children could experience life as a Victorian prisoner – which in turn enabled them to write their diary entries!

In Spring 2, children will be starting their new topic ‘Africa’. We will be having an art day to begin the topic where we will be making African sunsets, tribal shields and African flag bunting.

Year 5 children will also be completing a research project for their homework which focuses on one country in Africa – a new homework challenge will be given each week that relates to the learning we have been doing in class. The completed projects will be shared with parents in the last week of term.

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