Year 6

Spring Two

During the Spring 1 term we have been studying the topic ‘Crime Scene Investigation’. Over the course of the term, the children have had the opportunity to investigate forensic science and have studied fingerprint and shoeprint analysis, facial recognition and chromatography. Using the techniques, Year 6 have managed to narrow down suspects to find the criminal of our case. In English, we have been learning about the spy novel, Alex Rider – Stomrbreaker. As part of the topic we have enjoyed writing our own explanation texts on how to be a spy and writing a persuasive letter, attempting to convince Alex to not become a spy.

Some children in Year 6, as part as a reward trip for their behaviour and effort, went to an event at the National Media and Science Museum in Bradford. The children were able to meet real life engineers, attended workshops and watched a 3D film of how engineers push the limits of innovation in unexpected and amazing ways.

In the Spring 2 term, we will be studying the Ancient Greeks in creative. We are really looking forward to learning about all of the exciting characters found in Greek myths, as well as studying Greek artwork, the alphabet, and democracy. In English, we will be carrying on looking at the spy novel – Stormbreaker  and we will be writing our very own spy stories.

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