E-Safety Parent Workshop Report

Below is a summary of feedback received from parents based upon the school’s E-Safety presentation to parents in December.

Rating Number of Parents
Very Good 23
Good 6
Satisfactory 1
Poor 0
Total: 30

At Westbourne we welcome all sorts of feedback, especially when it helps us to improve how we work with parents, children, and others. Below is a sample of comments by parents who rated the presentation as ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’:

  • New website looks very exciting. It should be a great help to parents and kids.
  • It was very good.
  • It was a good talk on E-safety.
  • It was very informative for me. E-safety is very important.
  • I liked all the information, it was very helpful, and also the teachers were very nice and explained everything clearly.
  • Very informative and easy to understand.
  • A good introduction to school website.
  • The website is brilliant. Lots of useful information.
  • It was helpful.
  • We were told what we can do at home to help our children which I was not aware of.

Below is a sample of comments from parents that explained how parents will help their children keep E-Safe at home:

  • I will supervise my children whilst online.
  • Watch and monitor them.
  • When they are using phone and laptop, make sure they know about E-Safety.
  • When they are using their laptop computers, I will keep them safe.
  • Monitor them and limit their time on ICT.
  • Openly talk to my child about E-Safety.
  • I will be having a talk with my children.
  • Check what they are doing with technology.
  • The school gave good advice for this.
  • I will definitely talk to my child about E-Safety.
  • Limit their time on technology.
  • When my child is using technology, he should know about E-Safety.
  • Keep their passwords safe.
  • To tell them if something bad happens online to let me or dad know.
  • To let me know if they see something wrong online.
  • Talk and explain to my children so they understand and feel comfortable in talking to me or someone who they feel safe with about everything.

Some of the feedback we received that will help us improve our practice next time and what we plan to do about this feedback is listed below:

Comment from parent: What we plan to do about it:
·      If parents had access to wi-fi and were able to browse and explore the website during the workshop themselves. ·      Unfortunately, at the time of the workshop, this was not possible due to restrictions with our firewall. However, our ICT technician, Mr. Slingsby is looking into this in the near future so that parents can log on to the network using a guest ID.
·      More photographs of children online, regularly updated. ·      Yes. We will be updating our year group pages every half term and with this, there is an expectation that staff upload pictures of children and their learning for children who have been given photographic permissions from their parents.
·      Pictures of teachers and governors would be useful [online]. ·      This is something we are discussing in the near future.
·      End of year photographs for each year group. ·      Unfortunately, this is not possible as not all children receive permission from home to have themselves photographed.
·      If we could get access to their progress. ·      Due to data protection laws, we are not allowed to upload children’s progress to our website, however, if you want to see how your child is progressing, then please make an appointment with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

A massive thank you to all parents who came to the briefing. We hope you can share your stories about E-Safety with children and other parents in the future.