At Westbourne Primary School we aim:

To raise attainment in mathematics at Westbourne Primary School by: Creating a learning environment where pupil’s mental maths skills are promoted, their knowledge of number secured and their ability to use and apply these skills is challenged in innovative, exciting ways.

At Westbourne we teach to the new 2014 National Curriculum. Each year group has a long term plan, a sequence of teaching to help your child gain confidence in their mathematics abilities. These documents are retained in school for use by the teaching staff. If you wish to view this document please speak to a member of staff either at Parents evenings or when collecting your child at home time.

At home you can support your child be helping them to practice their mental maths skills. Each child in school owns a Mental Maths Passport Westbourne Primary School Mental Maths passport. Your child will bring home a copy of the continent they are practicing, help them to achieve these skills quickly and efficiently by counting up the stairs or reciting their times tables to you.

A guide to the expected level of your child by the end of this year is given by clicking on this document:
Mental maths expectations 2014

When problem solving and applying their mathematics skills your child will need to be able to calculate using a written method. A guide to these methods is given below in our Child Friendly Calculation Policy.

2014 Calc Policy

Help your child by playing maths games, helping them to count and recall their times tables but most of all have fun and teach them to enjoy their mathematics.

Mr Robin Cusdin – Mathematics Coordinator – Westbourne Primary School.