Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is focused on giving our children the life experiences they need in order to be successful in later life both as people and in their chosen career.  Whilst there is a focus on the core subjects we also seek to develop our children in a range of practical subjects such as PE, Arts and Computing.  Our curriculum is rich and alive.  It is driven by the children we teach.  We want to empower our children to bring about social change and have access to any and every career path they can imagine.  Our curriculum is based on experiences that mean something to our children, that develop their understanding of the world.

Our curriculum is customised, personalised and structured so that the development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary is completed in a systematic and logical sequence, with big ideas being re-introduced throughout Key Stages in a variety of projects, making links between subjects and content.  The curriculum is organised to support pupils growing depth of learning using a project-based, thematic approach, it provides children with a range and breadth of rich and memorable learning experiences which promote SMSC and British Values.

When designing our curriculum, we have ensured a well-planned programme which recognises the knowledge and skills that pupils will need for later life.  Westbourne places the community at the heart of all it does, we strive to leave a legacy for future learners and generations to come with pupils able to compete at secondary school and beyond.

Curriculum Themes

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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum by Subject

“You’re doing a really good thing here at this school.”

– Parent of Reception and Year 4 Children