Please find our policies below

Charging & Remissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Appendix 1 – CP & Safeguarding Policy

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy

Data Protection Policy

Emergency Site Evacuation Plan

Concerns & Complaints Policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

e-Safety Policy

Feedback Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

SEND Policy

SEND Policy – Parents

Staff Code of Conduct

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Twitter Policy

Volunteers Policy & Agreement

Whistleblowing Policy

Accessibility Policy & Plan

Relationships Education Policy

GDPR Policy

Remote Education Provision Statement

Packed Lunch Policy

“You’re doing a really good thing here at this school.”

– Parent of Reception and Year 4 Children