Our 8 Point Development Plan

Here are the 8 aspects we will be focusing on this year as a school.

Every year each school evaluates where it is at in terms of strengths and weaknesses.  This is based on lots of different factors including staffs views of the school, Governors views, the Trusts views and any visitors such as the Local Authority or Ofsted.  Once we have evaluated where we are, we then go on to write a School Development Plan for the year which sets of what things we want to develop for the children and families of Westbourne. In view of teh impact of the Covid pandemic, we are keen to re-establish the key basic skills and habits of our outstanding learners at Westbourne.  Here are the 8 aspects we will be focusing on this year as a school.

Quality of education
1. Ensuring the quality of teaching, learning and assessment meets the needs of all groups of pupils in school.

2. Continue to raise the profile of the wider curriculum so that all stakeholders are aware of the broad and rich curriculum.

3. Ensure home learning arrangements are rigorous and fit for purpose.

Behaviour and attitudes
4. Reduce the number of pupils who are persistently absent.
5. Continue to motivate and inspire pupils’ behaviour.

Personal development
6. To further promote the wellbeing of all stakeholders in school.

Leadership and management
7. Newly appointed leaders to become established in their roles.

Quality of education in early years
8. Ensure the effective implementation of the EYFS curriculum including monitoring and assessment systems.

“You’re doing a really good thing here at this school.”

– Parent of Reception and Year 4 Children