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Our philosophy at Westbourne is simple:  Enter to Learn, Learn to Achieve.  Our children, families and staff enter to learn new things and develop as people.  When it comes for our time to leave Westbourne all of us have achieved.  That achievement can be anything from writing our names, learning to ride a bike, to solving quadratic equations or learning to play the cornet.  Our achievement is individual to us all and that’s our philosophy at Westbourne.

A statement of commitment is signed and stored in the portfolio of evidence

Westbourne Primary School is committed to creating a working environment where positive mental health and emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance.  We ensure staff, children and their families have access to support in a safe and compassionate environment.

A vision statement is in place that puts emotional wellbeing and mental health at the heart of the school’s aspirations.

Westbourne Primary School is proud to promote positive wellbeing for everyone.  Our school motto is ‘Enter to Learn, Learn to Achieve’ and the wellbeing of all our staff, children and their families is fundamental to achieving this.  We work collaboratively to create a safe environment built on compassion and empathy for all.  We encourage and support each other to develop an open dialogue for a happier and healthier life.

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