Our commitment to keeping your child safe

This page is all about safeguarding our children – keeping them safe in every way within our community, and helping them to learn about how they can keep themselves safe.

Pupils concerns are listened to at this school and taken seriously.

As well as educating the children in our care, the staff and governors of Westbourne Primary take the safeguarding and wellbeing of all its pupils seriously, and ensure systems are in place to support this.

The children are encouraged to speak to staff if they have anything that is upsetting them either at school, at home or elsewhere.  The children are listened to in a sensitive and encouraging manner, and any emerging issues are dealt with appropriately.  Posters are located around school which show who children can speak to.

The school has a robust School Recruitment and Selection Policy which is followed.  Appropriate staff and governors have undergone Safer Recruitment training.  References are scrutinised so that relevant questions can be asked at all interviews and appointments are not made until any outstanding issues have been satisfied.  People applying for jobs are made aware at the outset, that a fully enhanced police check will be undertaken before work can commence.

All of Westbourne Primary staff, governors and volunteers have been DBS checked, and a record of this information is kept in school.  We also ensure external bodies who have access to the school site have undertaken relevant checks with their staff.

We have a fully compliant Child Protection Policy which is reviewed annually.  All staff receive child protection training regularly, and we have four ‘Designated Safeguarding Officers’ in school who oversee any child protection issues.  Governors also receive an overview on the child protection procedures.  We have a designated safeguarding governor who meets regularly with the senior leadership team, to ensure policies and processes are followed.

All staff and volunteers undergo a robust induction programme, which explains what code of conduct is acceptable when working with children and young people; child protection information and who to contact if they have any concerns and safety procedures of the school site.  Induction is accompanied by direct supervision of all staff to ensure that codes are fully understood and followed as part of the contract whether paid or voluntary.

The school can only be accessed by the main entrance once the pupils are in school at 9.00 am.  The external doors are all locked down and can only be opened from the inside.  Visitors to school have to sign in/out and wear a visitor badge at all times.  They will be escorted to where they need to be/who they need to meet within school.  Any strangers on site will be challenged accordingly.

Personal mobile telephones are not allowed to be used by visitors on school premises other than in the school office or staff room.  If individuals are seen using their telephone, they will be challenged and told to stop.  Staff are also not allowed to use their mobile telephones during the school day on site other than in the school office or staff room.

Health and safety audits are carried out on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the building.  Action plans are put in place to address any emerging issues.

All staff are expected to be vigilant and report any concerns regarding adults in or around the school.

Managing complaints against staff

Local Authority Designated Officers (LADOs) have the responsibility of managing and overseeing allegations made against those who work or volunteer with children.  If the allegation relates to the person in their person life, for example, as a parent/relative/friend, a MASH referral should be made.  However, if the allegation relates to their working/volunteering role, you should instead make a LADO referral or request LADO advice directly from the LADO Service.  The contact details can be found via the following link:

The school has a health and safety policy, which is monitored each term by relevant members of the school Local Governing Board and the Trust.

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All staff appointed to work in school have a DBS check.  This search highlights people who have a criminal record or if previous allegations have been made against them.

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The curriculum deals with safeguarding in two ways – click here to find out more.

At Westbourne we work to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.  Click here to find out more about what we do.

Good behaviour is essential in any community and we have high expectation for this.

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The Designated Lead for child protection/safeguarding is Miss Marwood.  Deputy leads include Miss Widdop, Mr Atkinson, Miss Fowles, Miss Rogers and Mrs Mulholland.

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Safeguarding Children Statement

At Westbourne the health, safety and wellbeing of all our children is our highest priority.  Parents and families send their children to our school each day, trusting us to provide a secure environment in which their children will flourish.  We do everything we can to ensure that this expectation is a reality in our school.