Accessibility Plan

Westbourne Primary School Accessibility Plan 2018-2020

The Westbourne Primary School Accessibility Plan has been based upon information from the LA, an internal audit and DfE. The Accessibility Plan will be reviewed annually in respect of progress and outcomes.

The Accessibility Plan links with the Single Equalities Policy.


At Westbourne we are committed to providing an environment that enables full access for all pupils, staff and visitors regardless of their learning, physical, sensory, social, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to taking positive action in the spirit of the Equality Act 2010 with regard to disability and to developing a culture of inclusion, support and awareness within the school.

The Westbourne Primary School Accessibility Plan shows how access might be improved by taking timely and relevant actions to:


  • Ensure access to the curriculum for pupils with a disability, expanding the curriculum to ensure that pupils with a disability are as equally prepared for life as able-bodied pupils. This covers teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after school clubs, leisure or cultural activities and school visits. It also covers the provision of auxiliary aids and equipment which may assist these pupils in accessing the curriculum.
  • Ensure access to the physical environment of the school adding specialist facilities if necessary- this covers improvements to the physical environment of the school and physical aids to access education.
  • Review the delivery of written information to pupils, staff, families and visitors with disabilities.


Whole school training will recognise the need to continue raising awareness for staff and governors on equality issues, with reference to the current legislation.

A review of access needs will form part of pupil induction and admission arrangements. The plan will be reviewed should a pupil with access needs not provided for be admitted.

“You’re doing a really good thing here at this school.”

– Parent of Reception and Year 4 Children