Spring Two

This half term we have had a very exciting topic called ‘Monsters’. Our core story was ‘The Gruffalo’ and we also read the story ‘Munch’.

Things went missing from our Nursery and we had a special visit from PC Jonathan. He helped us find the big bad orange monster who had stolen things from our Nursery. The first time PC Jonathan arrested the monster he escaped and ran away. We also had a visit from the Gruffalo and he left footprints all over our Nursery.

At the end of the half term we had a monsters party and made monster masks and party hats.

We have also been doing lots of initial letter phonics sessions and the children really enjoyed playing I Spy and the Silly Soup game.

In addition, we had an amazing time making a snowman and called him ‘Grrrrruffalo’ and we even gave him a hat and scarf.

Next half term our theme is ‘Underwater creatures’ and we will be reading the story ‘Barry The Fish With Fingers’ and learning all about sea creatures.

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