Health and Safety

We have regular health and safety inspections and meetings to ensure we are compliant with all health and safety responsibilities.  The headteacher, school business manager, caretaker and governors with responsibility for health and safety oversee this comprehensive list.

Any concerns from staff are reported to any of the above and an initial examination takes place immediately, assessing what remedial action needs to take place.  Our children are also encouraged to be involved with the health and safety in school and report any concerns they may have.

On at least a termly basis, there is a fire drill to practice efficient evacuation from the buildings.  The school conducts an annual Fire Risk Assessment and receives regular visits from the Fire Service and Local Authority Fire Officers.

There is also an emergency incident plan that details what staff and parents should do in the cased of emergencies.

In addition to the Health and Safety Policy there are policies and risk assessments in place regarding food and drink and food and hygiene.  These determine safe practices in school and the kitchen/dining room.

First Aid

We have key trained members of staff, designated to oversee first aid and there are a number of first aid kits situation around school.

Where there is any cause for concern, staff deal with children with the utmost sensitivity and always seek guidance from a member of the school leadership team.  Wherever necessary, parents will be contacted or asked to come into school immediately so that they are part of the decision making process for such matters.

In the case of an emergency, the school will call for emergency treatment first before contacting the parent.

Site Security

Westbourne is a secure site with door access controls and visitor sign in systems.  We have clear routines and procedures in place, but the site is only as secure as the people who use it and the whole school community has a responsibility to help us maintain security.

Our children and parents are crucial to this process and we encourage you to report any concerns to the school office.

All gates should be closed behind you.


Excellent attendance is expected of all children.  However, in the event that a child is unwell parents are asked to report absence by 9.30 am on the first day using our main school number.

On occasions where a child’s attendance and punctuality causes concern, the school may work closely with the Local Authority.

Attendance rates are reported each term to the Trust, annually to the Government, and to all parents.  Positive systems are in place to encourage children to attend regularly and punctually, and the school is aware of its right to issue fixed penalties to parents who do not ensure good attendance and puntuality.

In exceptional circumstances, leave of absence may be requested in writing by submitting a letter to the headteacher at least 30 days in advance, and explaining in detail what the exceptional circumstances are.