Investor in People

Westbourne Primary School has been an Investors in Pupils school for many years. Investors in Pupils has a positive impact on children’s learning as pupils feel involved in all aspects of school life. Children take responsibility for their learning as they choose their own targets to work on. Once they have achieved their targets they receive a certificate and for class targets the children get a £5.00 voucher for the class. The children decide what they would like to spend the money on and the children also decide in collaboration with the teacher what the targets will be. Ask your child what their personal target is and what their class target is. Investors in Pupils has also had a very positive impact on attendance as children are motivated to learn and want to come to school every day. We announce attendance class winners every week and children who have had fantastic attendance win prizes and have the opportunity to attend a special meal or go to a special place e.g. Blackpool. In every classroom there is an Investors in Pupils display board that displays a class mission statement, teacher target and class target. Each class also makes an induction booklet for new staff and children.

Here are a few examples of the Investors in Pupils display boards we have in school:

Investors in Pupils also enables children to find out more about the school and how the school is run on a day to day basis. They learn about the importance of having a budget and also recognise the different roles and responsibilities in a school, including roles of governors. Every year group has a governor assigned to them who will be invited to get involved with activities and trips. Every year at Westbourne we have a Summer Fayre where each class has a stall and tries to raise money for their class. The children decide what stall they would like and what the money will be spent on. We also have a school council that meet regularly to discuss important issues as well as get involved with community projects and charity fund raising. We have raised money for The Anti-Bullying Alliance, Red Nose Day, The Air Ambulance Service, Cancer Research and many more different charities. The school council has done some fantastic work in the past, for example they have been involved with road safety, saving water projects and also environmental projects. The school council have also been involved in projects with The House of Commons and recently designed a flag for the March 2015 constituency project. In addition, in the last academic year we received a special certificate and badge from The Houses of Parliament.

Parents are informed about Investors in our weekly newsletters, on the website and also on open parent mornings. If you would like any more information on Investors please see Miss Gill who will be happy to answer any questions.

“You’re doing a really good thing here at this school.”

– Parent of Reception and Year 4 Children