Reading EYFS

In Nursery we focus on a different story each half term: adults act it out for the children and encourage the children to act it out too, as well as join in with any repeating rhymes.  We have lots of role play resources in the provision to help us act out the story, as well as using a story-map to help children remember it.  There is a basket of books that we call the Magic 3 Books, which children can choose from and ask an adult to read to them during group time.  We learn nursery rhymes, with copies sent home so that children can practice them at home.  During phonics, we sing songs every day, listen to sounds in the environment to see if we can identify them, make books to show that we can rhyme and use alliteration etc.  There are many opportunities for the children to read in the Nursery environment, as well as to recognise signs and symbols we see every day.  Pupils have a book bag so they can choose a book from the Nursery library and take them home.

In Reception, children enjoy reading their books independently every morning and have opportunities for shared reading daily too, where adults encourage ‘book talk’.  We have a daily story-time, and if the weather is good we listen to the stories outside in our fantastic, new outside area.  Children learn to read and write their Owl Words, which are 44 high frequency words for Reception, and when they have learnt them they get a certificate.  There are a wide variety of opportunities, and resources, for children to read in the Reception provision, and our parents can come along to ‘Stay and Play’ reading themed mornings.  We have a daily phonics lesson, which is differentiated, and play lots of different games and activities to help us learn our sounds.


Reading at School

Reading at Home