Reading Y3 – Y6

In Key Stage 2, we have at least four lessons of reading a week, where children put into practice their developing reading skills and understanding, using the Reciprocal Reading approach.  We always use very high-quality books, which tackle a range of subjects, giving children exposure to a variety of different text types and broadening their knowledge.  The emphasis in Key Stage 2 moves away from recall and instead focuses on inference and prediction skills, whereby children use clues in the text to infer character emotions and actions.

We use the term ‘VIPERS’ in all classes through Key Stage 2.  Pupils learn about each skill through a range of high-quality texts and genres.  This clear and consistent approach helps ensure pupils have a strong understanding of each skill and gives us a specific focus in each lesson.

We also have story-time at least 3 times per week, usually at the end of the day, when our teachers read the children a book.  It might be linked to the book we are studying in class, an author we are getting to know or a book that the children have chosen themselves.


Reading at School

Reading at Home