The Design of the Curriculum

The curriculum deals with safeguarding in two ways.

Firstly, the curriculum – through cross-curricular topics and planning around Personal, Social and Health Education – discusses relevant issues with the children.  Specific topics include such themes as drugs, sex and relationships and stranger danger.  Children are encouraged to explore and discuss these issues together and with their teachers/learning support assistants.  We also discuss a wide range of issues around safety and wellbeing on a very regular basis in assemblies.

Secondly, the curriculum is designed so that safety issues within the subject are discussed and safe practices taught, such as using equipment properly in PE and Design and Technology.  At all times there has to be appropriate staffing levels and when the curriculum is taken out of school, appropriate and agreed pupil/adult ratios are maintained.  The lead adult always assesses visits as to the level of risk and all trips are authorised by the educational vsits co-ordinator (EVC) and the headteacher.

Risk assessments are conducted for all activities beyond the school grounds, and these are signed by the EVC and the headteacher.


Children should be encouraged to use the internet, but at all times in a safe way.  Pupils must never be left unattended whilst online and teachers should ensure that this does not happen.  If any adult or child suspects misuse, either by a teacher or child, the issue must be reported to the headteacher without delay.